New Knitting project


My previous project was not really a success … I had bought wool from 100% cotton and the color was beautiful, but  not suitable for a nice scarf.
So I went back to the yarn store and i bought new yarn.

This is Concept by katia, 70% lyocell and 30% Virgin wool.
There are many soft colors for sale but I bought color number 61.
The color corresponds to rust with a little bit white through it, I love the color!
Suitable for needle USA 4-5 or UK 3 -3.5.

Foto van Sjaal

So far I used the Garter stitch, the Stockinette stitch and the Purse stitch. I want to use more different stitches, but I make the dicision when I am knitting which stitch I want to insert. I promise, when the scarf is finished I will share the pattern with you.




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