Knitting on youtube

Knit tv

I love to watching knitting ‘programs’ on youtube. When there is nothing on TV I stream youtube on my television.
I have 2 favorites that I like to check out.

The first is fruity knitting. They have a Youtube channel, website, insta account and you can find them on ravelry. They posted 99 episodes so you can binge watching all of these episodes.

So where you can find them? Find them here

The second one I like to watch is Vicky Howell, she is just adoreble!
She started with the knit show, but in the meantime she has written her own knitting book, produces her own yarn and started a new project ‘yarn yay’ and presentsĀ  ‘ask me monday’ on (of course) Monday.

On this siteĀ  you can find all her links to video’s off knitting and crochet projecs.
Vicky makes small quick projects that are great fun and that you can easily put your own spin on.

So when there is nothing on tv again … turn on youtube and watch knit tv



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